Project description


Yet to be improved, developed and validated are effective synthesis techniques able to simulate the locomotion both at auditory and foot-haptic level. If on the one hand previous research on the simulations of foot-floor interactions has focused on the rendering of different grounds, on the other hand open problems concern the improvement and extension of those simulations, as well as the modelling of the walker properties (e.g. gender, weight, shoe type, gait style).

More importantly, an open issue in the cognitive-perceptual area is the role of such simulations in affecting the walkers' gait style, when interactively provided.

This project aims not only to solve such issues but also to apply their solutions to the virtual reality context, as well as to entertainment and rehabilitation scenarios.

The developed tools and the results of the planned experiments on the one hand will allow to increase the realism of the interaction when navigating in virtual environments, and on the other hand will contribute to the design and development of better assistive tools for visually-impaired users or patients with locomotion problems.


A project granted to Luca Turchet by the Danish Council for Independent Research | Technology and Production Sciences (FTP), grant no. 0602-02546B.


01.02.2013 -- 31.05.2016


A project hosted by Aalborg University Copenhagen